Darya Shaikh interviewed by Leora Kahn

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1. How do you think the different aspects of the fellowship work together?

I really enjoyed the different aspects of the fellowship and found the humanities portion really worked well with the business. Studying humanities help put the concept of time in context to relation to working in a business. In business we work very quickly and except things to happen almost instantly. By studying history one can see how things evolve over time, it was also helpful outside the formal setting as in the group discussions and outside activities.


2. Going into the fellowship – what were your expectations?

I was excited getting back into the learning environment and doing the readings. I had no idea there was going to be such an intergenerational group and liked the dynamic between the younger people and the older people.

3.Did you feel you were prepared enough in advance to meet their expectations?

Yes. You need to prepare by knowing your venture inside and out.  The most important is to know what your vision and mission are in order to get the most out of the fellowship. 

3.How did you feel about the group of fellows – the combinations – the community – did it work?

It was a pleasure to meet the fellows and make the connections and contacts need to support our communications.  These people moved to the top of your contact list. I wasn’t sure that concrete relationships would be formed but have been very excited  that post program there has been a continuation of the relationships- forming a network.

4.What skills did you feel you gained?

Getting the proper vocabulary  - ability to compartmentalize – to be able to step back and reflect at how far you come and see how to move forward to how you want to go.


4, Did you get enough support afterwards to use the skills you learned from the program?

Yes and no. The Paris program was created to develop the ideas and a good comple

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