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Last week I had an interview/conversation with Lori Katz, a 2009 AdR Fellow. Here is what I now know:


Lori Katz is an American Jew who participated as an Adr fellow in 2009. Lori began her journey towards the fellowship years ago when she led social justice initiatives for a Jewish non-profit organization in the states. Her career path, while varied, continued to include experience that made her a natural fit for this program and underscored the need for programs like this to exist.


While working overseas Lori met many new people from diverse backgrounds and with varying experiences. Included in her new group of friends were Muslims who had never met a Jew before. Though this was an odd experience, Lori was intrigued and did her best to demystify her culture and debunk any stereotypes that her friends asked about.


Lori returned to the states to work for the United Nations, in post conflict peace issues. Eventually she was recruited into the private sector to work for an international hotel chain that was coming to the states. It was a business that through its actions and beliefs supported issues of social and environmental justice. It was a perfect match for Lori who wanted to continue pursuing social justice work but wanted to move away from the non-profit sector.


As for the AdR program itself Lori particularly enjoyed the business school component. She remembers many good conversations and would have liked to have heard even more voices represented in them.


Her words of advice to me were to know what it is that I wish to get out of the program before starting, and to make sure that I had as little of my own work as possible to do during the fellowship so that I could fully immerse myself in the experience.


Overall it was a very enjoyable conversation for me. While I did not have very many specific questions about the program, hearing directly from a fellow who has already gone through the experience is a good way to get myself mentally prepared for the experience.


Jonah Canner

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