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The Earth has been mistreated and only by restoring a balance, only by living with the
Earth, only by emphasizing knowledge and expertise towards soft energies and soft technology for people and for life, can we overcome the patriarchal ego
." Petra Kelly

I'm 27 and I chair Entreprendre Vert, a network of green entrepreneurs. I've been involved in the Green movement since my teens. I joined the founders of Entreprendre Vert in 2005 because I felt the need to invent a new kind of economy, a new way to earn a living and a new form of entrepreneurship. I'm still very involved in the green movement. My major concerns, along with green economics, are environmentalism (particularly preserving biodiversity), feminism, social justice and peace politics.

I received a Master's degree in government/public policy at Sciences Po Paris (Institute for Political studies), and at HEC where I recently majored in Entrepreneurship.

Entreprendre Vert strives to bring together entrepreneurs who want to work within a sustainable framework and/or the green economy, as well as (mostly small) businesses and others from the policy world and the media. We organize monthly debates in an organic restaurant on eco-business themes, and assist new entrepreneurs by providing a network, advice and a place to exchange ideas and brainstorm projects.

The organization began in 2005 and has been active ever since nationally. We work with other European green entrepreneur alliances : Unternehmens Grün (Germany) and Grüne Wirtschaft (Austria). We are currently building a European network with these organizations.

Our purpose is to promote a greener, more sustainable economy through entrepreneurship. We are a pioneer group of enthousiastic professionals of all ages.

Our major achievements include helping the wood industry in Eastern France against a State-sponsored, big business project that would jeopardize thousands of jobs and the environment, but also all the joint business operations and jobs created by people who met through Entreprendre Vert.

The people involved in Entreprendre Vert are an inspiration. Our main goal at the moment is to widen the circle.

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