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I am 23, live near Princeton, NJ with my husband of two years, whom I met in college. I Attended Princeton University for a fellowship in Public Policy and International Affairs. I completed my BA in Political Science at Rutgers University and will be pursuing a JD at Rutgers School of Law. I have traveled with the U.S. State Department to Europe on projects of integration, counter-radicalism initiatives, and immigration. I recently worked as the Assistant Director for Policy and Communications for an Immigration Policy organization.

My project is called GenerationConsult, an initiative that brings together moderate and unique voices to represent Islam that counters any extremism or belief of extremism's existence in the U.S. My ultimate goal is to also become a portal that allows the educated Muslim youth generation to consult the larger community on issues of law (i.e. FAQs on Immigration laws, FBI, Charity-giving, Education rights, etc.), and politics (i.e. how to get involved, resources for running campaigns, mentorships with legislative directors, congressmen, and political advisers, etc.).

Both my motto in life and favorite quotation come from Rumi. My motto in life is to "live as a traveler," which has inspired me to always live this day ready to leave this Earth tomorrow. My final word and favorite quotation: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”

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