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My name is Nathalie, my last name is ADATO, I am 42 years old and I divorced 3 years ago. I live with my two sons (Jeremy 14 years old and Gabriel 11 years old, I am a very happy and proud mother !!! of course)

In free time, when I have enough strength for it, I do Badminton and I go to the swimming pool, I walk a lot (forest, desert, moutain etc.... when I have the opportunity !!!)
I am a chief project in a French Jewish association named FSJU (United Jewish social funds)
I live in Paris in the 19th district (I lived 4 years,  7 years ago in French Guyana and Martinique Island)
The name of my project is Social Micro Credit. his mission is to propose social loans to low wage earners for social and personal needs, without reimboursement of the interests.
I built this Jewish program 1 year ago upon the model of an another one, created by public services. We created variants to adapt better personal needs. We signed a convention with a famous bank named credit cooperatif. We did 50 social loans for unemployed people etc..... for life's accidents or happier events and more we have done 300 social orientations for people who were overloaned. We wish to transform this jewish program to become more secular (not only for jewish community), we want to open the strict frame of French public law (loi borloo 2005 for social cohesion) to be able to include in this program repurchases of credit, which are not accept in the frame of the law.
 My motto in life is : the most important in life is to be able to bounce back

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