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  • Presentation of Jake Hayman: Fellow 2010

    10 May 2010 ( #AdR Fellows )

    I am 28 and from Camden, London. I lived a while in the Caribbean and New York and have worked a lot in the Middle East. My project is Future First and is working to revolutionise the way in which career advice is given in the UK. In the UK we have the...

  • Shawn Landers, 2009 Fellow, in the Forward

    10 May 2010 ( #Media )

    Here is an article on Shawn Landres: link J. Shawn Landres J. Shawn Landres, 37, emerged this year as an essential thinker in explaining the new Jewish spirituality and culture to the Jewish establishment. If the current crop of post-denominational Jewish...

  • Sahar Ullah interviewed by Elli Winkelman

    18 May 2010 ( #AdR Fellows )

    Q) What's the best thing about the Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship? What advice would you give to this year's fellows? What's your first piece of advice for social entrepreneurs? A) There are many wonderful things about the program. For me, I immensely...

  • Abigail Morris portrait by Patricia Benecke

    18 May 2010 ( #AdR Fellows )

    Inaugural Fellowship member Abigail Morris is based in London and first heard about last year's AdR Fellowship via her brother. Her background of many years in charge of the succesful, cutting edge Soho Theatre and her year-old new venture of running...

  • Ruth Friedman interviewed by Nathalie Adato

    18 May 2010 ( #AdR Fellows )

    Participating in ADR was a great experience and was a boost to my confidence, I brought the Jewish Muslim Cooperation Platform as my project. I came back with a lot of clarity and as a result of which we have 'shelved' the project - I dont see this as...

  • Lori Katz by Jonah Canner

    18 May 2010 ( #AdR Fellows )

    Last week I had an interview/conversation with Lori Katz, a 2009 AdR Fellow. Here is what I now know: Lori Katz is an American Jew who participated as an Adr fellow in 2009. Lori began her journey towards the fellowship years ago when she led social justice...

  • Non profit: The issue of financial management

    25 May 2010 ( #Social entrepreneurship )

    An interesting article fromthe sandiego newsletter: More than one-third of local charities are operating in the red, according to a report being released today by the University of San Diego . That finding continues a long-running pattern: 30 percent...

  • Shawn Landres in the Forward 50, 2009

    27 May 2010 ( #Media )

    Congratulation to Shawn Landres for the article in the Forward: link "J. Shawn Landres J. Shawn Landres, 37, emerged this year as an essential thinker in explaining the new Jewish spirituality and culture to the Jewish establishment. If the current crop...

  • the AdR Fellowship in Islamicity

    27 May 2010 ( #Media )

    Jewish & Muslim Dialogue & Social Entrepreneurship link This past summer of 2009, 28 Jewish and Muslim social entrepreneurs from the United States, France and the United Kingdom spent two weeks at the Columbia Business School learning about each other's...

  • Darya Shaikh interviewed by Leora Kahn

    31 May 2010 ( #AdR Fellows )

    1. How do you think the different aspects of the fellowship work together? I really enjoyed the different aspects of the fellowship and found the humanities portion really worked well with the business. Studying humanities help put the concept of time...

  • Creation of the "big society bank for" for social entrepreneurs"

    17 June 2010 ( #Social entrepreneurship )

    An interesting initiative found on British ‘Big Society Bank’ to Offer Charity Payments in April 2011 Britain's proposed Big Society Bank will begin offering payments to nonprofit organizations by next April, Third Sector Online writes,...

  • Press release on the 2010 program

    30 June 2010 ( #Media )

    Muslim and Jewish Social Entrepreneurs to Address Social Problems, Cross-Cultural Rifts at Columbia Business School Summer Program Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship to grow and nurture a transatlantic network of social entrepreneurs that spans cultural...

  • An article on Sir Ronald Cohen and social entrepreneurship

    02 July 2010 ( #Social entrepreneurship )

    Sir Ronald Cohen: capitalism has its consequences The man who started the private equity industry 40 years ago, is plotting to harness entrepreneurship to act as an agent for social change. In 1969, a 24-year-old Ronnie Cohen graduated from Harvard Business...

  • Norma Raynes (Fellows 2009) interviewed by James Sevitt

    04 July 2010 ( #AdR Fellows )

    On Childhood Norma was born in a convent in Salford (near manchester) three days into the Second World War on 6 September 1939. She has no war time memories. During the war Norma and her family were evacuated to Blackpool. At aged 8 she and her family...

  • A video made by James Sevitt

    09 July 2010 ( #Cross Cultural Dialogue )

    Solidarity Complex from Vika Evdokimenko on Vimeo. Solidarity Complex is a New Routes short video and facilitated educational workshop which examines the public protests that took place in London on 10 and 11 January 2009 in response to the Gaza crisis....

  • The Adr Fellowship on the Radio

    12 July 2010 ( #Media )

    Here is an interview of Firoz " The Rothschild family has a long history of financing the arts, culture and public health. Its foundations have also given millions of dollars to promote industrialization and economic development in Israel. But recently,...

  • Welcome!

    22 March 2010

    Hi everybody, Welcome on the blog of the AdR Fellowship Program. The purpose of this blog is to give you updates on the networks, strenghthen the links between the alumni, share documents, articles and knowwledge on social entrepreneurship and cross cultural...

  • Welcome to the new fellows!

    29 April 2010 ( #AdR Fellows )

    Dear all the new promotion has been selected! Here is a welcome message from Shawn Landres: All the best,

  • A video on social entrepreneurship

    04 May 2010 ( #Social entrepreneurship )

    Please find an interesting video on social entrepreneurship and a social investment fund named "Acumen Fund". It perfectly sums up why a dollar invested in a social entreprise has more impact than a dollar invested in a "traditional NGO"

  • Entrepreneurs can change the world

    10 May 2010 ( #Social entrepreneurship )

    Hello, We have find an amazing video on entrepreneurship. Very motivating and inspiring. Enjoy!

  • How can you change people's habits?

    27 May 2010 ( #Social entrepreneurship )

    An interesting theory to make a better world

  • Video on the french fellows

    06 July 2010 ( #AdR Fellows )

    To start the seminare, the french fellows have made a video:

  • Video on the program by Conor Ibrahiem

    07 July 2010 ( #Cross Cultural Dialogue )

  • Video on the 2010 "US" Fellows

    07 July 2010 ( #AdR Fellows )

  • A 2010 Fellows on TV: Yacine Diallo

    29 April 2010 ( #Media )

    Yacine Diallo was invited on "France O" to present his project "Savoir partagés": link

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