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Here is an interview of Firoz


" The Rothschild family has a long history of financing the arts, culture and public health. Its foundations have also given millions of dollars to promote industrialization and economic development in Israel.

But recently, the Edmond & Benjamin de Rothschild Foundations have moved into a different philanthropic arena. The Ariane de Rothschild Foundation brings two dozen Jewish and Muslim entrepreneurs to Columbia University from July 5th to 16th in the hopes that the two groups of students can build new political relationships and new businesses at the same time.

In this week's Arts File on WQXR, WNYC's Kerry Nolan talks to the executive director of the foundations, Firoz Ladak, and to Shelly Banjo, the philanthropy reporter at The Wall Street Journal, about the new fellowship, and why the foundation has switched its focus."

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